Best ATV Mud Tires

Best ATV Mud Tires

Unless owners have limited use for their ATV vehicles, choosing the best ATV mud tire is almost mandatory, as the additional traction provided can prevent dangerous riding situations, especially over rugged terrain. Tires may wear out, begin to play tricks on the road, or simply refuse to pull weight over muddy conditions.

These episodes tell the owner it’s time to change one or more ATV tires, if optimum performance is needed. It doesn’t matter if the needs are good control over deep slush, trails, snowy conditions, or climbing over deep inclines, there are ATV mud tires that can fulfill them and satisfy the most passionate ATV user.

Common features found in the best ATV mud tires

Depending on how the ATV is used, added features can make a considerable difference in the way the tire performs over trails, is used on farms, or provides racing thrills. However, common features found in good ATV mud tires remain the same.

Tire tread design

ATV mud tires are distinctly different from others due to their directional tread design, deeper lugs, and unique lug design that splash mud diagonally away from the center. As the wheel rotates, the arrow-shaped design enables better cleanouts.

In other words, mud begins to sling away from the tire providing better grip in muddy conditions—better the cleanout, the better the traction. Other variations included by manufacturers enable comfortable rides even on hard surfaces.

A balance must be established to prevent faster wearing out of tires while affording better performance around hard corners.

Bias-ply ATV tires

The fact that biased ATV mud tires flood the market is a sign they are successful across different applications. Bias tires are typically built with cords, fabrics like nylon, and run diagonally across the diameter with added strength provided by the overlapping ply.

Sports enthusiasts typically will consider it one of the best ATV mud tires, especially over rough terrain. They can overcome tough riding conditions with better rolling and weight resistance. With added traction come lower speeds and higher fuel consumption, but these bias tires compensate by offering increased safety and maneuverability.

Ply rating

ATV tires are delivered with specific ply ratings that can determine how the tire is used. A sporting enthusiast may opt for lower ply ratings with better traction to overcome higher inclines with lesser loads, as compared to ATV owners needing higher load-pulling capacity in slushy conditions.

A 2-ply ATV tire is the minimum requirement carrying a single star. This tire is softer and can be used over soft muddy surfaces. On the other hand, the best ATV tires come with 6-ply ratings that can draw heavy loads. They are designed to withstand punishment over rough terrain, offer higher puncture resistance, and last longer.






   : ITP
Mud Lite Mud
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   : Kenda
 Bearclaw K299
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   : Sun.F A033
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Price & Sizes
   : GBC 
Dirt Devil Bias ATV TIRE
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   : Maxxis
M962 Mud Bug Tire
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Price & Sizes
   : Carlisle
  AT489C ATV Tire
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Price & Sizes
   : Maxxis M966
Mudzilla Utility ATV F/R Rowl
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 CheckPrice & Sizes
   : ITP Mega Mayhem
               Mud Terrain ATV Tire
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   : ITP TerraCross R/T
      Mud Terrain ATV Tire
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   : Super grip Super Lite Mud/Snow
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Reviews of the top 5 best ATV mud tires

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12

The ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12 is the sports enthusiast’s favored ATV tire with weight focused on the center of the tire made possible by its unique center tread. This exceptional all-terrain tire can match the best offerings in the same category.

Its 6-ply tread with extra ¾” thick lugs produce exceptional traction on the muddiest of surfaces with minimum slippage. The fact that this tire can be mounted onto the front and back wheels of the latest models released by popular ATV manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, testifies it is one of the best ATV mud tires available on the market. Also important is the vibration-limiting feature that can make a big difference on bumpy surfaces.


  • Weighs in at around 19.2 pounds
  • Designed with unique center tread contact
  • Available as an OEM replacement with deep lugs
  • Developed with a 25” section width
  • Manufactured with a 6-ply rating
  • Has a tread depth of 0.75”
  • Can fit recent models
  • Manufactured with bias construction
  • Sold with 26” x 26” x 12” product dimensions
  • Equipped with a 12” rim diameter
  • Fulfils all-weather sports tire requirements
  • Specified for use in off-road ATVs


  • Designed for both pure trail and mud tracks
  • Sold as an all-weather tire
  • Affords durability over long distances
  • Manufactured with extended wear rubber compound for increased tire life
  • Matches the best tires in mud-slinging efficiency
  • Produces smooth radial-based rides with its unique center tread
  • ‘Made in USA’ high-quality tires
  • Offered as the lightest 6-ply rated trail/mud tire
  • Affords maximum mud traction with angled shoulder lugs
  • Sold at great prices
  • Offers higher levels of riding comfort with its 0.75” lugs
  • Sold as one of the lightest mud/trail tires available on the market


  • Demonstrates less tread softness as compared to others in the same category
  • Has to be perfectly mounted to increase rotation and maintain hub balance
  • Requires two people to install


Developed with breakthrough technology, the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12 is a bargain buy for ATV owners. If it’s the thrill of riding over muddy terrain or having better control over bumpy conditions, this ATV tire will satisfy both needs and provide perfectly controlled and balanced rides.

A great feature is its sturdiness over flat surfaces. Also the fact that it is sold as the lightest 6-ply tire in its class should make it one of the best ATV mud tires currently available, especially in the lightweight category. Lastly, the Mud Lite AT will satisfy ATV owners who do not fancy getting stuck on muddy surfaces.

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Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 25X8.00-12

The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 25×8.00-12 is the envy of ATV owners as an extremely affordable offer. It has very little competition when used in wintery conditions and can match the best out there on snow. This Bearclaw model has a section width of 25” and is fitted with widely spaced lugs on an aggressive tread pattern to enable better mud and snow cleanouts.

The additional built-in rim guard protects the wheel, while reinforced tire material increases puncture resistance. Whether it’s enhanced performance or better traction in slushy conditions, its angled knobs produce added traction.


  • Weighs just 17.4 pounds
  • Has 25” x 25” x 8” dimensions
  • Constructed as a bias 6-ply tire
  • Measures 62 for rubber hardness on the IHRD scale
  • Has a 7 PSI maximum rating
  • Offered as a tubeless tire
  • Comes with a 12” rim size
  • Can take a 155 kg. load capacity
  • Offered as front and back tire
  • Has a 58-pound puncture rating
  • Equipped with angled knobs to increase traction
  • Empowered by the original Bearclaw brand name


  • Equipped with a built-in guard to increase steering control and grip
  • Protected from dings and dents with its unique rim guard
  • Developed with aggressive tread pattern to improve mud cleanouts
  • Offers superior traction in rugged conditions
  • Has center lugs for better steering control
  • Fitted with side lugs for better maneuverability around corners
  • Made with special tread compound for smoother rides
  • Has 6-ply-rated tough cast to increase puncture resistance
  • Affords better control in mud with center-running lugs
  • Has angled knobs to increase grip
  • Controls rubber loss efficiently when used off and on the road
  • Has improved tread life with its tear- and snag-resistant material


  • Smaller lugs increase trail-riding efficiency
  • Dimensions vary to some extent
  • Offered as an off-road tire
  • Can get deformed in the packaging


The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 25×8.00-12 is preferred by riders looking for better steering control. This favored ATV tire produces excellent traction due to innovative design elements like lugs running down the center of the tire and built-in guards.

Developers have spent a considerable amount of time over its special tread compound composition to make sure riders have comfortable rides over hard terrain as well. The result is obviously one of the best ATV tires that is easier to control over trails and provides buyers with a long-lasting option.

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Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire – 24X8-12

The Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire – 24X8-12 is an attractive option that can be easily mounted on 2-WD as well as 4-WD vehicles. Users will find it can fit different kinds of vehicles providing a great option to save money without compromising on quality.

The all-terrain Carlisle AT489C has a unique tread pattern that strikes a good balance between aggressiveness and comfort. Sold as a lightweight option, utility vehicle owners will find this tire affords great control over hard surfaces as well. Rubber loss can be easily controlled by restricting use over normal roads.

With better puncture resistance, this ATV tire will not stall, even on sand. In fact, it can pull golf carts and higher loads across the sand. A major advantage is this tire fits easily on to different kinds of vehicles making it one of the best ATV mud tires in the market.


  • Weighs 13.6 lbs.
  • Has a traction tread pattern
  • Sold as a bias tire
  • Can be used in 2WDs as well as 4WDs
  • Developed as an all-terrain tire
  • Sold as a tubeless tire
  • Offered as a lightweight tire
  • Used as OEM tire across different types of ATV vehicles
  • Affords excellent traction
  • Has increased puncture resistance
  • Free shipping
  • Made in US


  • Offered as a lightweight tire with enhanced shock-absorbing capability
  • Has good balance between handling, ride, and traction
  • Designed with a widely spaced tread pattern for better mud cleanouts
  • Develops maximum traction over all kinds of surfaces
  • Offer great performance on mud, hard pack, and snow
  • Developed to draw heavy loads
  • Improves traction and driving control
  • Comes with a rounded profile to improve maneuverability around corners
  • Slings mud and gravel with better efficiency
  • Comes at a good price without shipping charges


  • Demonstrates better suitability over sand as compared to other surfaces
  • Can shed rubber and leave marks on hard terrain
  • Comes as a tubeless tire with a bias-ply construction, so limited highway usage warranted
  • Can sometimes develop tread bubbles


The Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire – 24X8-12 has all the right features for applications in 2-wheel and 4-wheel ATV vehicles. It is the best option for pulling loads over snow but does wear out faster when used consistently on hard surfaces.

Available as an all-terrain tire, owners with limited usage over hard or flat surfaces will enjoy the many advantages this tire has to offer when used over mud and snow. With its rounded edges, it offers better control around sharp corners.

Riders can exercise more control and experience comfortable rides. With its unique features, it can be compared to the best ATV mud tires out there.

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Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12

The Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 is definitely a good choice if traction on muddy areas and cleanouts are considered. The center tread with well-designed lugs can produce a smooth ride, even on rugged terrain.

This mud/snow ATV tire lasts longer with its 6-ply construction and is equipped with best-in-class puncture resistance capability. Punctures up to ¼” in diameter are sealed without the use of liquids, slimes, or other additives. It superlight construction ensures ATV as well as UTV owners will find maximum use for this tire.


  • Finds use as a rear tire
  • Weighs in at 28.4 pounds
  • Has two-tiered tread pattern to increase traction in mud
  • Comes with “C” speed rating
  • Has a 28” section width
  • Measures at 28” x 28” x 12” in dimensions
  • Sold as a bias tire
  • Favored as an extreme mud tire
  • Offers a protective ½” rim guard
  • Developed with a 6-ply rated casing
  • Comes with deeper tread depth and center channel bars


  • Finds use in different UTVs with its lightweight construction
  • Offers excellent pulling capacity including trailers
  • Designed for ATV riders challenging aggressive terrain
  • Equipped with slotted treads to increase grip over all kinds of terrains
  • Can be used in sand, dirt tracks, and mud
  • Comes with an extended lug fitted with a ½” rim guard for added protection
  • Pulls a 2WD over 70-degree inclines
  • Offers excellent stability and traction to push even logs
  • Offers better grip on a 2-wheel drive to plough snow
  • Pulls a trailer across muddy terrain without losing grip
  • Comes with 6-ply rated casing that substantially improves puncture resistance
  • Offers increased tread life


  • Shipped as a flat product, so tire beads difficult to locate
  • Can add an extra 2 inches in height, so all tires may have to be replaced
  • Can shave grass off the lawn around corners
  • Shipped primarily to locations in US


The Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 is an ideal choice if maneuvering capability is what the ATV owner is looking for. This tire is a welcome addition to the Super Grip stable with its enviable option to sustain firm grip over both mud and snow.

It is sold as a super light ATV tire but does not compromise on thickness with its six-ply durability ensuring riders have enough comfort even on challenging terrains. The fact that it can seal ¼” punctures without much effort makes it one of the best ATV mud tires along slopes.

Better durability is another factor ATV owners can consider, if they choose to go for this Super Grip tire.

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Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10

The Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 comes equipped with extra deep lugs over an angled tread design to make it one of the best choices in its category. The capacity to sling mud away from the center ensures riders have a firm grip on mud over greater distances.

Its 6-ply rating provides superior puncture-resistance capability. This bias tire is basically used as a front tire and is reinforced with specially designed material for added strength and riding comfort. Available as a super-light option, ATV owners will find it simple to mount on to their vehicle.


  • Comes reinforced with 6-ply rating material
  • Used over mud and snow
  • Measures at 23” x 11” x 10”, which is just right as a front ATV tire option
  • Has angled and sweeping tread bars
  • Comes with an angled tread
  • Made of belted, biased radial material
  • Has a 10” rim size
  • Weighs only 23.3 pounds
  • Has a unique tread pattern
  • Sold as a tubeless tire
  • Comes with a 1” tread depth


  • Comes with an angled tread for improved traction and better mud-slinging capacity
  • Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) technology adopted to increase strength and reduce weight
  • Improves grip on a two-wheel drive in muddy conditions
  • Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) help increase tread lug strength
  • Sustains excellent traction on slopes with its aggressive lug design
  • Has a reinforced carcass for improved tire strength
  • Mounts easily on different ATVs as a lightweight option
  • Has deeper lugs that improve traction in deep mud
  • Slings mud efficiently with center-line ridge overlapping lugs
  • Built with 6-ply rated material for better resistance to punctures
  • Has higher ground clearance to overcome obstacles and offers comfort rides
  • Shipped free of cost to US buyers


  • Delivered to international buyers with standard shipping only
  • Generates choppy rides at low speeds due to average width
  • Slips around sharp turns due to its forward-backward grip
  • Sold only as a front tire, so back tires differ


The Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 is known to produce better traction in extremely muddy conditions. This front tire can resist punctures very well enabling users to test it across difficult sloping terrains. Extra-deep lugs offer higher ground clearance without compromising on traction.

The well-designed center line ridge accounts for its excellent mud-slinging capacity. Users will find this lightweight tire extremely useful even over difficult terrain, making it one of the best ATV mud tires sold on the market.

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