Adding a plow to your ATV/UTV  and using it to plow snow, dirt or sand is another one of many ad on’s you can ad to the list of useful chores you can accomplish with your off road vehicle.

Of course the first thing you need to determine is the use or uses you’ll be wanting to to accomplish before you choose the type and size of the plow that you’ll be needing to do so. You also need to consider the size of your ATV/UTV and the motor size in order to pick the appropriate blade and mounting system you’ll be needing.

There are two basic blade styles, straight and V-shaped. The straight blade will direct the snow (or what ever your attempting to plow) straight forward or to one side or the other. The V-shaped blade can be used in more severe winter conditions such as compacted or frozen snow. It can also give you more control over where you want to put the snow your moving.

Blades are also available in different lengths. For instance you wouldn’t want a 70 inch blade when your trying to remove snow on a 48 inch walkway. Neither would a four foot blade be the best choice if you was to plow a large parking lot, so you may want to take the time to find the length of blade that’s the most appropriate for needs.


1. Manual – You’ll need to lift and lower the blade by hand, this means stopping and getting off and back on your ATV/UTV each time you lift or lower  your blade.

2. Hydraulic – Can be remotely operated from your seat by controls that can be permanently or temporarily ran from the hydraulic motor to your seated location.

3. Winch operated – You’ll be needing to use the winch controls to lift and lower your blade. Of course you’ll need a winch installed for this style of blade operation.


Mounting kits will also be needed, a lot of snow blades come with the mounting kit required for your ATV/UTV  or will make you a package deal for everything. You just need to make sure that the mounting kit is available for your specific make, model, size and year of ATV/UTV.


You may also like to take a look at what material the blade is made of. A steel/metal blade will likely rust over time, especially when exposed to the elements outdoors, whereas a blade made from a composite material will not.


Before you start to operate your ATV/UTV  mounted snow plow, take the time to read the operating manual for all the safety and proper operating procedures. Look at the limits and capabilities not to exceed.

Know your surroundings and conditions of the area/surface you intend to plow, that you know of any curbs, cracks or anything that may be sticking up and cause injury to you, your equipment and others. When plowing someone else’s lot or its an area your not familiar with and your not sure ask someone that knows.

Stay warm! If you plan on being out in the cold for long periods of time, then you might want to consider adding a set of heated grips and/or heated seat cushion or seat cover.

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