Adding extra lights or lighting system, such as light bars to your ATV/UTV or any other off road vehicle you may have can always come in handy when riding in to the late night hours.
It’s always a useful add on if you should ever have a flat tire, mechanical problems or loose something such as if you would drop an object or misplace an object ( forgot where you placed something ) and it gets too dark to see as well as earlier.

Halogen lights use a lot more power than Led lights and can typically drain your battery to the point that it doesn’t have enough juice left to start your vehicle again, what ever it may be.
where as Led lighting can be just as useful while using a considerable less amount of your battery’s power.

This also leave more juice or power to be used for any of your other accessories you may have and be using such as an air compressor or what ever you may be using that you have connected to your battery
Basically Led lights helps you to use less power for lighting while using anything else.

Led lights have some other great benefits.

They can produce the same amount of lighting as halogen lights and more while not putting off any heat or virtually no heat depending on the brightness you choose. Still using less power.

2. Led lights can be purchased in different colors such as blue, red. amber, green, there can be many different variations. This can come in handy if your trying to spot game such as deer or what ever you might be trying to see without frightening them off,
or maybe you just simply want some low colored lighting around your camp site.

3. The cost for Led lights or light bars can be extremely reasonable. Some can range between twenty( $20.00 ) to fifty dollars ($50.00 ) depending on the style, watts or length of light bar you choose.

4. The life time is also another factor. The longevity of Led lights are at least two to three times longer than any other lighting options you could choose from. When you add all the benefits you get from Led lights as compared to any other lighting options you have it’s pretty clear what the best choice is.

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