Air compressor vs CO2 Cartridge Inflators

If you own an ATV/UTV, or maybe even several of them, you know what a pain it can be when you’re out for a great day of riding and you get a flat tire. So, what are you gonna do now? You may have always thought that a co2 cartridge inflator is the best option for this type of situation but it’s actually not. Well, if it’s not, then what is? A portable air compressor is so much better. In fact, even one of the many mini air compressors available today at very low prices would be far superior to a co2 cartridge inflator for your ATV/UTV tires.

Reasons for Buying a Portable Air Compressor as apposed to Co2 Inflaters

1. Versatility–  When you have a portable or even a mini air compressor, you have a piece of equipment that’s not only great for all kinds of flat tires but also has a myriad of other uses as well in everyday life. And, when you go camping, fishing, swimming, or kayaking, you can use your compressor on inner tubes, air mattresses, rafts, and so much more, so you’re always better prepared.

2. Size and Dependability–   There have been so many advancements today that even mini air compressors can give you more than enough power even for inflating larger tires. And, their dependability is a well-known fact among the many satisfied users. In addition, many of them can even fit in the palm of your hand.

3. Trusted Manufacturers– Everybody likes to know that a piece of equipment that they might need at a moment’s notice is made by a company that they trust. There are a number of well-known and trusted manufacturers that make portable and mini air compressors at very reasonable prices.

Reasons for Not Buying a co2 Cartridge for Flat Tire Repair

There are plenty of valid reasons why c02 cartridges are not a good choice for having on-hand in the event that you need flat tire repair when you’re out riding your ATV/UTV. So, here are just a few, including:

1. The c02 cartridges have a tendency toward breakage, especially during cold weather.

2. You might not have quite enough co2 cartridges to use again, especially if your punctured tire was not properly plugged or repaired the first time.

3. In the event that you have broken the bead on your tire, (the seal around your tire and rim), then an air compressor is your only hope for repairing your tire, (or getting you back to civilization for repairs when necessary).

4. It’s a fact that not all co2 cartridges have the proper amount of air and, in some cases, they can even end up being complete duds.

5. Many co2 inflater nozzles have plastic components and tend to be prone to sustaining damage, especially during cold weather.

A couple good examples of portable air compressors include:

– Triple A  (AAA-) – This trusted company makes a LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12-Volt DC Air Compressor. This one has a quick connect air hose, ten-foot power cord, three nozzle adapters, and an air pressure gauge included. It’s only 8 in. by 6 in. by 4 in. and weighs just two pounds. It requires a DC cigarette lighter connection or alligator clip connectors to your battery, in fact, all models of this type of air compressor require a connector and many include both types. Depending on your battery a converter may be required.

40001- Motorcycle Tire Inflator from Slime – This offering from the many motorcycle and ATV air compressors on the market today is compact enough to carry on an ATV/UTV but still powerful and dependable enough to count on when you need it. It also has the capability of filling up an average vehicle tire in just ten minutes. It will adapt to all 12-Volt power sources and comes complete with a pre-wire cord, harness wire and fuse, A/C-power cord, pencil pressure gauge, quick-clip air hose, cord with alligator-clip, and sturdy carrying case.

Few Other Good Choices in ATV Air Compressors include:

 –  Crank Brothers Power Pump– With no electric pump or wiring to fail, it also can’t run out of air.

 –  Aerostich Mini Compressor– A no-frills basic pump with the fastest inflate time.

 – Dynaplug Mini Pro Inflator– Has the slowest inflation time, but also draws less power.

 – MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator – Has a five-year warranty.

 – Stop & Go Mini-Air Compressor– With the lowest price, it offers great value.

A couple more handy accessories is a female adapter for your cigarette lighter with a battery-clip-on that you can attach directly to your ATV/UTV’S battery for powering 12 and 24-volt items like your ATV air compressor.

(1.) 12V Cigarette Female Plug 3FT Extension Socket from Kuncan-
A female cigarette lighter socket adapter with dust cap and six-foot SAE cable for battery chargers and other devices with an SAE quick release connection and a ten amp fuse to protect all equipment. It offers rugged durability and high-quality construction. Attachable directly to your ATV and can actually be left permanently connected for your convenience when you need flat tire repair, mattress inflation or for  any other power source such as phone charging, walkie talkies etc.

(2.) Extension Cord Plug Socket from CUZEC (12V/ 24V)- This one also includes a water-resistant cap for protecting female sockets from the elements. It’s made of durable plastic for longevity and durability and also has external 15-amp fuse protection

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