Inflation / Tire Pressure

When it comes to any proper tire tire care I’m sure that everyone knows that maintaining the proper tire pressure is the first thing on the list for all tires. Look on the side wall of your tires and you will see the tire rating, this should be the maximum pressure when it’s cold. This is why it’s best to check the tire pressure when the tires are cool or first thing before use. If your checking your tires when they are hot they may be over the maximum pressure by 10 lbs. but that’s ok, it will read a higher psi/tire pressure when hot and can read lower when really cold such as in the winter time.

UV Rays and Ozone

When your trailer or camper is not in use and kept outside, uv rays/sunlight can cause your tires to degenerate and start to crack and dry rot.
You can use tire protectant or tire conditioner to help keep your tires from rotting or cracking, just make sure that none of the products you use do not contain alcohol or petroleum-based products in them as this can cause the rubber to dry out and crack as well.

Try keeping the tires out of the direct sun light or keep the tires cover with tire covers, they do make tire covers in different size’s. As a last resort you can cover them with any non moisture absorbing dry tarps, tent material tarp/poly-tarp. I have even seen tires covered with old/used floor mats. Also simply keeping your tires clean and washed with soap and water helps to keep them in good condition.

Tire Repairs, Maintenance and/or  Replacement if needed

Check your tires for any irregular tire wear. If you notice one tire or more is wearing faster than the other/others your tires are are out of line, this can mean a bent axle, spindle, loose mount or the trailer frame it’s self may be out of alignment. Keep everything properly lubed such as wheel bearings, ball hitch, tongue jack and springs this helps prevent against friction damage corrosion.

If any tire or trailer part need repairs done be sure to use the proper replacement parts or better. You may need a more experienced mechanic for some of these repairs. The minimum tread depth on and around entire tire can only be 2/32” inch before you have to replace the tire.

Trailer Tire Storage and Care

Protecting the tires from ground contact when not in use for long periods of time. Continued contact with the cold and damp or hot and dry ground for extended periods of time can cause the tires to begin to dry rot, crack, and create flat spots on the tire. You should jack up the trailer and either block it up or use trailer stands/jacks. Another option is to park the trailer on some boards or plywood to avoid direct contact with the ground. You could also jack and block up the trailer, remove the wheels and tires all together and store them in the garage or inside like an out building or basement if you can’t store the entire trailer indoors. most people don’t have the means to store a large trailer indoors or its just not practical to do so, usually because they use the more frequently.

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