ATV/UTV winter riding advice

atv/utv snow riding

Riding an ATV/UTV in snowy conditions can be trickier than in dirt or mud. Its not only colder on you but your machine and equipment as well. Just for one example if you have a winch you may experience it freezing up solid so always make sure you check on all your equipment before you venture out.
A set of Come Alongs (Come Along winch) will be good in place of an attached powered winch. A tow strap or 20 to 50 feet of rope for towing is also a good idea, it can also extend the reach for the Come Along winch as well.

Deep snow and slush can make it more difficult to maneuver around in making it harder to steer and control. You may even start to slide at anytime even while sitting still. If the snow gets to be to deep, such as you starting to push the snow or its up against the frame then your motor will have to work harder to keep you going this can cause it to over heat and you don’t want that so it’s probably best to give it up for the day and bring it back home.

A decent set of mud and snow tires is what you’ll need to get around in these conditions. Deep tread or cleats is best to have with a good amount of tread left if not new. Checking the tires air pressure is also essential. You can run a little lower pressure but always make sure you still have the proper allowance of air left in all your tires that’s recommended for riding.

Now as far as protecting yourself from the elements there are numerous products and clothing to choose from. Of course I know you know the essentials.
– Boots
– Gloves
– Jacket
– Hat or Toboggan Hat
Its best that all these items be water proof/Gortex.

But there are a few extra protective gear you should consider arm yourself with that I’m sure your aware of as well. Such as a scarf, face mask, and  long underwear. Some things you may not think about or possibly not be aware exists are hand warmers you can keep in your pocket, heated socks etc.

Now don’t go overboard some of the things that’s out there is a little ridiculous. We never had or needed them when I was a growing up, of course some of these gadgets  would have been nice to have but lets be real. There is even a heated seat cover you can put on your seat and connect it yourself to your battery, now I would use one of those.

It’s also important to stay hydrated, as you know you can work up a sweat in the cold as well as the heat. Take a thermos or plastic bottle/container of coffee, hot chocolate, water, whatever you want it doesn’t have to be hot just fluids. Gatorade is a great choice. The main thing is to stay safe and warm throughout the winter and enjoy the outdoors.


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