Best ATV Tires – Mud and Trail

What to Consider Before Choosing a different ATV Tire or Tire Size

When it comes time to replace your ATV or UTV tires there are many factors to be considered. One of the most important being the type of tread. Many tires having different types of tread for many different terrains, and it’s important to choose the right tires for the terrain you think you will most likely encounter. Mud, trail, rock and sand cover your most common types of terrain and only you know the type of terrain you will be riding on. Changes in weather conditions should be taken into consideration as well, such as snow. Different types of tread such as depth, thickness, and materials used may also weigh more than the tires you will be replacing

Although 6ply ATV/UTV tires are designed to handle a greater load capacity over long distances with the added benefit of being more puncture resistant than 4ply or 2ply. There are also 8ply ATV/UTV tires available, that provide even more durability for those of you that require the most from your machine, such as an everyday rider or a work horse around the house or farm. The higher the ply rating the more they will weigh.

You may be considering a larger size tire than what originally came stock on your ATV. You will most likely be able to go one or two sizes larger than the stock size tires your ATV/UTV came on without any trouble. Any more than that may require further modifications. Now keep in mind, with a larger size tire there will also be added weight.

If you do decide to go with a larger tire, then the size of your new tires will depend on the size of your motor. Make sure your motor can handle the added stress put on the engine without causing any damage. It is recommended to only go up one tire size if your ATV is under 500cc, without any additional modifications. If your ATV’s motor is more than 500cc you may be able to go up as much as two sizes larger than stock. You should check with your dealers agreement and manufacturer’s specifications, if any apply, before doing any modifications to any ATV or UTV to keep from voiding any warranties.





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Grim Reaper

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Swamp Lite
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Mud Lite
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  : Wanda P341
 ATV/UTV Tires

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Bearclaw K299
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Reviews of the best ATV tires – Mud and Trail

GBC Grim Reaper ATV Tire 25×10-12

The GBC Grim Reaper ATV tires promise strong traction and top performance. These ATV mud tires can handle all types of terrain without limiting maneuverability or impacting performance. These tires come with a zig-zag ridgeline for a higher resistance to damage and superior comfort on rough terrain.

The thread pattern down the center of these ATV trail tires make the ride smoother, while the rest of the thread allows for maximum traction. The GBC Grim Reaper ATV tires can handle different surfaces and terrains, including sand, frozen ground, swamps, desert terrain, muskeg, and slate rock. The toughness of the 8-ply tire sidewall makes these tires a more reliable choice than many other ATV tires.


  • Size: from 23 x 8 x R12 to 27 x 11 x R14
  • Radial construction
  • 14” rim diameter
  • R speed rating
  • 94” tread depth
  • Zig-zag ridgeline for superior resistance
  • 8-ply rated


  • Excellent grip even on difficult terrain because of the optimized ridge design
  • Provide a smoother ride than what you’d expect from most mud tires
  • Good handling in most situations, including sharp turns
  • Good wear for this type of tire
  • Easy to handle and fit on most type of ATVs
  • Sturdy enough to handle even heavier ATVs
  • Good versatility across terrains makes this a safe solution for most locations
  • Provides reliable traction even on steeper slopes and other declivities
  • Looks much better than standard tires


  • GBC Grim Reaper ATV tires can be noisy on the road, especially on very bad terrain
  • Some customers have complained that the tires don’t always perfectly seal
  • At 32.8 lbs., it’s not one of the lightest tires around, but the build quality compensates for that
  • Ridge design may create vulnerable areas despite the overall durability of the tire
  • Wider versions of the tire may reduce maneuverability


The GBC Grim Reaper ATV tires are a great choice for most ATV owners. They can be quickly fitted and removed, without requiring any special tools. These tires provide reliable traction in mud and other terrains and are a dependable choice whether you use your ATV for recreation, amateur races or for work.

You will be hard pressed to find a better grip or a smoother ride with other tires in this product range. Thanks to its superior puncture resistance and enhanced traction in muddy conditions and beyond, this tire is one of the best ATV and UTV tires you can buy.
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Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire

The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire can handle mud, hard pack, and snow, providing a versatile performance and eye-catching design. These ATV tires have a multi-stepped tread design which self-cleans itself, preventing the tire from becoming one big cake of mud. You’ll appreciate this, as it can save you time when cleaning your ATV. They are built for maximum performance on muddy terrain, but are good at climbing rocky trails as well.

The 6-ply rating cuts that come with this ATV tire won’t disappoint seasoned drivers. It will make beginners who switch to these tires from standard models feel like they are astride a mighty beast. Deep ruts ensure good performance together with superior balance and control, even in trickier areas.


  • Improved steering and stability thanks to the optimized V forward tread pattern
  • Wide open, aggressive tread provides excellent traction and control
  • Self-cleaning thanks to the multi-stepped tread
  • Wraparound tread for high performance in rutted conditions
  • Smooth riding experience on most terrains
  • 6-ply rating
  • Available from size 22 x 11 x 9 to 29.5 x 10 x 12


  • Great tread design distribution offering excellent grip even in difficult areas
  • Designed to prevent drivers getting stuck in dense mud or snow
  • Offers above-average traction on mud trails and similar grounds
  • Powerful first impression—these tires look mean
  • Good weight keeps the ATV light
  • Side ruts prevent sliding and allow for more controlled drifting
  • The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire can take plenty of puncture damage
  • Good quality at a good price makes these tires a best buy for most ATV owners


  • Doesn’t handle pavements as well as other ATV tires and can wear out quicker when driven on hard surfaces
  • May have difficulties with deep or extreme mud
  • A little faster wearing compared to other ATV mud tires
  • May feel rough on a smaller machine until they smooth out
  • Doesn’t handle blacktop and gravel as well as other ATV tires may


The Swamp Lite ATV Tire’s fierce multi-tread design makes it one of the more powerful ATV tires in this category. This mud-conquering beast of a tire makes its way through ground where other ATV tires stumble. They are designed to provide maximum stability and control without loading down your vehicle.

These tires are a versatile choice that gives owners the freedom to use them outside of mud trails. This is a great choice for those who want to get one of the best ATV mud and trail tires around, without a massive investment. The Swamp Lite makes for an excellent value deal, one that you won’t regret anytime soon.

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Kenda Executioner ATV Tire

The best ATV and UTV tires usually come with a good grip, and the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is no exception. The design has been optimized to provide a strong grip in different types of mud including deep mud, wet mud, and sticky mud. At the same time, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire doesn’t end up covered in mud as easily as other types of tires because of its self-cleaning design.

The Kenda Executioner ATV tire provides excellent traction and a smooth ride. Built for the muddiest 4×4 terrain, this ATV tire is as aggressive as it looks. Made from a durable rubber compound making it a strong and hard-wearing tire that comes with a hefty tread, reinforced knobs, and a rim guard. They provide a smooth ride and a superior degree of comfort compared to other tires in this class.


  • Deep and aggressive tread that can handle all off-road conditions
  • Designed for powerful 4×4 ATVs and the muddiest of trails
  • Heavy duty with powerful traction
  • Reinforced knobs prevent knob roll
  • Deep rim protector side walls keep this tire in action for longer
  • Available from size 25x 8 x 12 to 28 x 11 x 14 (larger sizes are more expensive)
  • 6-ply rating ensures good protection against common trail damage


  • Strong and durable—can take many rides on mud and in rougher terrains before showing serious signs of wear
  • Eye-catching design makes them look fierce on any ATV, even smaller models
  • Can run as low as 4 psi, making them a reliable choice for longer, demanding rides
  • Handles rough terrain without getting too dirty thanks to the self-cleaning design
  • Extra though casing together with 6-ply rating resists most common punctures


  • Heavier than other tires in this category, needs a hefty hand for fitting and removal
  • These heavy-duty tires are not the most flexible around
  • Requires a psi of 7 or lower for a comfortable ride
  • Bulky design means they may slightly rub on the shocks during turns on certain models


If you’re looking for a big and mean ATV tire, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire has you covered. This fierce, durable tire can take on any mud trail and always come out on top. The Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is a well-designed, well-made tire, whose quality you cannot help but appreciate.

Whether they’re used for play or for work, these ATV tires come with the guarantee of quality that we’ve come to expect from Kenda tire products. It’s one of the best ATV and UTV tires around and a dependable solution for your ATV.

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SunF A033 6 Ply ATV Tire

The SunF A033 6 Ply ATV Tire is an excellent model available at a low price. This tire offers the strong build and durability you won’t find in the more expensive ATV mud tires currently available.

These ATV tires have added lugs on the shoulder area in order to provide a smooth ride and protect the sidewall of the tire, as well as the rim of your vehicle. The SunF A033 6 Ply ATV Tire has non-directional tread pattern, which means that they will work on your front wheels just as great as they will on the back wheels of your ATV.

The use of 6-ply rated materials ensures great strength and makes these ATV tires highly resistant to punctures. Most original equipment ATV tires rely on 2- and 4-ply materials, thus limiting their ability to handle different terrains.


  • The tire is 25” high and 10” wide when inflated
  • It mounts onto a rim of up to 12” in diameter
  • 6-ply rated materials are used to ensure stability of the tire
  • The shoulder of the tire has extra lugs for maximum protection
  • Tread depth of 0.86”
  • Non-directional tread pattern used to provide better traction
  • Made of a special rubber compound to ensure longevity


  • Works well across different terrains, including dust, gravel, dirt, mud, and rock
  • All-weather ATV tires that will roll through deep snow without a problem
  • High puncture resistance thanks to the use of 6-ply materials
  • Added shoulder lugs provide stability even when you have a flat tire
  • The non-directional tread pattern makes them suitable for both the front and rear wheels
  • Adaptable to different terrains and great for use in farming and snow plowing
  • Easy to wash because of the 0.86” tread depth
  • The tire doesn’t make noise on pavement or similarly flat surfaces
  • Compatible with many popular ATV models from top manufacturers
  • Sleek, polished design makes them stand out from other ATV mud tires


  • Limited compatibility with the most recent ATV models
  • The tire might tear up your lawn if it’s soft from rain or if you use it too aggressively
  • You can’t replace your turf tires with these ATV tires


The SunF A033 ATV Tire 6 Ply is an excellent all-weather tire that provides great stability and control, no matter what you’re using your all-terrain vehicle for. This tire has wide treads that contribute to the traction and easy acceleration. The transition between different types of terrain is as smooth as you’d expect.

Because of its excellent build, this tire is also very resistant to all kinds of punctures. However, in case you get a flat tire on the road, you will still be able to operate your vehicle and safely return home because the lugs on the shoulders of the tire are designed to protect not just its sidewalls, but also the rim of your ATV.  If you want to get the best out of your ATV, the SunF A033 ATV Tire 6 Ply is just what you need.

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Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tire

You can get a lot more from your all-terrain vehicle with the right choice of ATV tires. If you want great performance coupled with excellent durability, the Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tire has everything you’re looking for. This tire is designed for both all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs).

This tire has an angular directional tread that makes them comparable to models advertised specifically as ATV mud tires. The tread is about 0.79” deep, a lot deeper than you would normally find in ATV tires, which ensures great traction and stability, even on bumpy terrains. There are large gaps between treads that allow for tighter grip and better performance on the road or specifically designed ATV trails.


  • Height/weight/rim size ratio of 25/8/12 for front tires and 25/10/12 for rear tires
  • Made from a 6-ply rated combination of rubber and nylon
  • Front tires support up to 340 lbs.
  • Individual rear tires can carry up to 420 lbs.
  • Angular directional tread pattern with wide gaps between treads for better grip
  • Shoulder rugs on the tire protect its sidewalls and the rims of your UTV or ATV
  • Self-cleaning action for better traction in muddy terrain


  • Multi-purpose tire fits on both your ATV and UTV
  • Provides a great driving experience across different terrains
  • Deeper treads for better grip in muddy terrain
  • Tread depth and the gaps between treads ensure easier cleaning and washing
  • Built with additional rim protectors to keep your vehicle safe from damage
  • Very resistant to punctures caused by small rocks or branches
  • The V-shape of the treads allows for strong acceleration
  • Just as adaptable to flat surfaces as to more demanding terrains
  • Easy to mount without the need for special tools or equipment


  • The tire doesn’t stay on top of the snow, but rather digs into it and pushes it to the side
  • Some online sellers will send you the tire in the wrong size, so make sure to correctly specify it
  • May get damaged during shipping because it doesn’t come with the rim


Although the Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tire is frequently categorized together with other cheap ATV tires, when it comes to its quality and performance, it more than matches the more expensive ATV tires. The unique design of the tread pattern provides great grip regardless of the terrain you’re driving on, but is especially efficient in handling various muddy surfaces.

The materials and their 6-ply rating guarantee optimum performance and high durability. The vehicle is easy to control, and the acceleration you can achieve is quite astonishing. The price is already pretty low when you’re buying a single, but these multi-packs provide an even better deal overall. With the Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tire, you really can’t go wrong.

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The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire

The A.C.T. ATV Tire, is an excellent radial model with directional tread pattern. The lugs on the treads have little sips on them to provide great traction on all terrains and won’t produce too much noise while they’re moving. This tire will work well on different types of surface and in different weather conditions. Whatever it is that you’re using your ATV for, you can be sure that these ATV tires will deliver a smooth and stable driving experience at all times.

The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 23” to 26” in height, and 7” to 11” in width. They are made for rim diameters of up to 12”, but the 26” supports a 14” rim.
They are a fairly inexpensive tire that promotes a smooth ride with great traction. 
What’s more, if you follow the directional tread pattern, you can fit them either on the front or the back of your ATV.


  • Radial tire with directional tread pattern
  • Height to width ratio ranges from 23/7 to 26/11
  • Mounts onto a wheel that’s 12” (23” to 25” models) or 14” (26” model) inches in diameter
  • Weighs a little over 17 lbs.
  • Speed rating C means it will support driving speeds of up to 37 miles per hour
  • Reinforced sidewalls for a more even ride
  • Sips are added on lugs for optimum traction and durability


  • You can use the tire on either the front or the rear wheels
  • This is the only model that fits Polaris ATVs
  • The tire operates very quietly because of the additional siping on the lugs
  • Unique sidewall design and gapped tread pattern provide stability across different surfaces
  • The tire is excellent at handling mud and trails
  • Works well in all weather conditions
  • Semi-aggressive design promotes good traction and steering control
  • Gaps between treads allow the tire to clean itself while on the go
  • Very lightweight compared to other ATV tires available


  • Fitting the tire can be a bit complicated if you’ve never done it before
  • No multi-pack options available
  • Prone to punctures if driven aggressively
  • Although very affordable, it’s a bit more expensive than other, cheap ATV tires


The Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire is an excellent choice among many different budget-friendly ATV tires. Its performance and durability are on par with those you’d find in only the best ATV and UTV tires. Because of its size, if you happen to own an a Polaris EFI 500, your search for new tires should end at the Carlisle A.C.T. ATV Tire.
This is the only tire currently available that can fit your vehicle and replace the worn out OEM ATV tires your machine originally came with. Having tested it, we can see why many ATV manufacturers choose Carlisle as their go-to supplier of high quality tires. You’ll love them, too. 

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SunF A041 ATV Tire

The SunF A041 ATV Tire is a multi-purpose tire, designed not just for ATVs, but also for UTVs and side-by-side vehicles. It works flawlessly on many different terrains: sand, snow, turf, gravel, dirt, or mud. Wherever you’re taking your ATV, this tire can handle it with ease and no wear at all!  It utilizes a wide, angular tread pattern to give it superior grip in muddy conditions, but will work just as well on hard surfaces.

The aggressive design of these ATV tires is matched by impressive shoulder knobs to provide better handling of muddy terrains, as well as stability for your vehicle and its rims. The directional tread pattern allows you to use the tire on both front and rear wheels.


  • Built using 6-ply rated rubber and nylon materials
  • Angled treads are used to dig into any terrain and provide optimum grip
  • Lugs on the center of the tire allow for superior traction
  • Shoulders of the tire are reinforced with aggressive knobs
  • Can be used on both the front and the rear wheels
  • 75” tread depth
  • A single tire can carry up to 737 lbs.


  • Lighter than similar ATV tires at just under 16 lbs.
  • Great traction on different types of terrain
  • Extremely durable thanks to strong 6-ply materials.
  • Angular tread knobs handle mud incredibly well
  • These ATV tires work great on hard surfaces
  • High resistance to punctures from branches and rocks
  • All-weather tire
  • Directional tread design suits front and rear wheels
  • High load rating allows these tires to carry nearly 3,000 lbs. on a four-wheeler
  • Can be used as both UTV and ATV tires
  • Available in multi-packs of 2 (front or rear) or 4 (an entire set) ATV tires
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Unavailable for smaller all-terrain and utility task vehicles
  • Fitting can be a tad difficult because of the size
  • No rim included, so it’s susceptible to potential damage during shipping


The SunF A041 ATV Tire has shown a remarkable resistance to puncture in all the tests we’ve subjected it to. Even if it happens to sustain a puncture, the sidewalls of the tire are reinforced and sturdy, so that you can drive with a flat for at least a few more hours. If you equip your ATV with a set of these, you can load it up with almost 3,000 pounds as they are designed to carry a lot of weight. That’s something no other tire out there offers.

Even after we’ve compared it to its main competitors, we can say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cheap ATV tire than the SunF A041 ATV Tire.  For exceptionally high quality, durability, and stability, the SunF A041 ATV Tire is an excellent choice and is truly one of the best affordable ATV and UTV tires, if not the best.

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SunF A027 ATV Tire

If you want to replace your original equipment tires or are searching for ATV tires to bring out the best in your ATV, look no further than the SunF A027 ATV Tire. With its extremely aggressive design, this tire fits many different purposes, including farming and industrial use. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll love this tire, as it was made specifically with cross-country riders and desert racers in mind.

Constructed from strong, 6-ply rated materials, the SunF A027 ATV Tire utilizes a unique X-knob tread pattern. This tread pattern results in superior traction and overall better, easier handling.
The tire comes in several different height/width ratios, from 20/10 to 23/7. Whichever size you opt for, these ATV tires will fit on a wheel with a 10” diameter rim. This model is highly resistant to punctures, which is very handy if you’re driving across roads covered with rocks and sharp branches. 


  • Available in 11 different sizes: 20×10-9, 20×10-10, 20×11-8, 20×11-9, 21×7-10, 22×7-10, 22×7-11, 22×10-9, 22×10-10, 22×11-9, and 23×7-10.
  • Non-directional pattern suits front and back wheels
  • X-knob thread pattern for better traction and reduced wear
  • Made from a combination of 6-ply rated materials
  • 12 lbs. in weight
  • 55” tread depth
  • Can carry up to 233 lbs.
  • Wide profile for stronger grip during acceleration and braking


  • Designed to be very strong and durable
  • Superior traction thanks to its X-knob tread pattern
  • Nearly 30 percent lighter than most comparable ATV tires on the market
  • Minimum wear even with regular aggressive use
  • Strong, reinforced sidewalls ensure stability and protect your ATV in case of flats
  • Works great in all weather and across all different terrains
  • Ideal for use by cross-country drivers and desert racers
  • Offers impressive resistance to punctures
  • Can be fitted on the front wheels, as well as the rear wheels
  • Available in multi-packs at even lower prices.


  • Prone to damage during shipping as they don’t come fitted onto a rim
  • Limited compatibility with ATV vehicles because of the unavailability of larger sizes (24 and above)
  • Could be difficult to fit depending on your skill level


It’s impossible to overstate how great the SunF A027 ATV Tire is, whether you’re using your ATV for work or to satisfy your need for adventure. When you’re driving with these ATV tires, you won’t even feel the bumps in the road and the sinkholes; you are in for a very smooth driving experience no matter how uneven the terrain might be.

The SunF A027 ATV Tire provides superior traction thanks to its unique X-shaped tread pattern. It can even run without air for a certain amount of time because of the way its sidewalls are built. In case you happen to get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, you will be able to return home safely and service your tire. If you equip your vehicle with these ATV tires, you won’t need to worry about potential punctures, as they are made with very thick, high-quality materials.

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