Winter is coming up just around the corner and you may be wondering, if you don’t already know, if your tires will be good enough to ride on in the snow and on ice. Well it may depend some what on the type of ATV you have. A quad which is two wheel drive or a four wheel drive ATV.

If your on a two wheel drive quad then you may consider a snow tire. There is not a lot of ATV tire manufacturers that make tires specifically just for winter or snowy conditions better known as winter tread tires but there is still enough out there you may want to look at and consider, although they can be costly. They basically have similar or the same tread as an ATV sand tire. ATV sand tires can be a good choice for snow as riding in the snow is very similar if not the same as riding in the sand.

A good example of an ATV snow tire is the Maxxis 4-snow tire.

For an ATV that is four wheel drive you should be looking at a good all around , general purpose, trail or mud and trail ATV tire. One that is fairly wide, that provides more tire tread contact to all the surfaces, snow, ice and dirt where you may encounter it. Some of the most popular tires recommended for use in the snow are the
Kenda 299 Bear Claw tire, the Kenda Bear Claw EVO 592 tire , the Carlisle ITP Mud Lite tire and many other good mud, trail, sand and all terrain tires that perform fantastic in the snow, ice , mud and trail for basically great year round tires.
 If you don’t see your tire or correct size just use the search bar above to enter correct tire and size!

Now the one thing you don’t want!!!
You need to look out for tires that are meant for serious mudding because they tend to dig in too much and will cause you to end up seriously hung up or your ATV tires to be buried in the snow. One more piece of advice you should take is getting yourself some ATV/UTV tire chains or straps, adding a winch is another great addition to your ATV not only for winter but year round use. A winch can be helpful not only for pulling yourself or a friend out of the mud, sow, up steep hills but can be a great help around the home or farm. If you do add a winch than don’t forget to include a tow strap.

Getting Extremely  Serious
For those of you that live in areas that has snow year round or just severely bad and long winters you may want to take another route entirely and get a set of ATV/UTV tracks to get around. These will get you around in some serious winter conditions. The track systems tend to be wider than most ATV tires, this not only provides more traction but also prides better weight distribution.

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