Buying Guide to Affordable Mud Tires

Buying Guide to Affordable Mud Tires

Extreme sports are the trend today. One of these is off-road adventuring where the fun starts with going through all kinds of difficult terrain including mud, snow, sand, and dirt. This adventure is never complete without an ATV or all-terrain vehicle.

It is one of the strongest and most durable kind of vehicles that has a seat for the driver, handlebars for steering control, and low-pressure tires. The most important component of ATVs are the tires which come in different types. This article will take you through the ins and outs of finding affordable mud tires.

Are there any affordable mud tires?

Mud tires are generally made of high-quality materials which make them powerful and durable. This makes the mud tires generally more expensive compared to other kinds of regular vehicle tires.

Manufacturers today have created mud tires without compromising on quality. The demand for ATV mud tires is high, making it more affordable compared before.

How to find affordable mud tires

Affordable mud tires can be found in online stores and automotive stores. However, not all affordable mud tires are powerful and sturdy. Some wear out easily and have soft sidewalls which make them prone to punctures. To help you find an affordable, yet strong mud tire, here are some things to look for.

Void areas

A void area is a cavity or groove between the tread lugs of the tire. When buying mud tires, expensive or cheap, look for large void areas. Large void areas allow more bite in rocky and loose terrain.

However, do not be disappointed if it sounds noisy on the highway and tends to wear quickly because of its heat accumulation and increased tread squirm.


Generally, mud tires are louder and rougher on the road compared to other kinds of ATV tires. However, they have become easier and more comfortable to ride over the years. When you are looking for affordable mud tires, read reviews about a specific kind of mud tire and find out if it is comfortable and gives you smooth ride.

Thick sidewalls

One of the most important characteristics of ATV tires are the sidewalls. They should be thick and made of high-quality materials so that the whole tire will be puncture resistant. Thick sidewalls protect tires from rough and pointed objects along the road.


While mud tires typically wear out easily because they have increased tread squirm and accumulate heat, there are still few mud tires which last longer. If you find an affordable mud tire with great durability, then you are lucky.

Affordable mud tires

Affordable mud tires with the abovementioned qualities do exist. In fact, a few of them are listed below.

Thunderer Trac Grip R408 Mud Tire


This model is a redesign of an older model which now includes an aggressive tread design. It wears great on and off the road, comes with great traction, doesn’t create vibrations, and performs even over very difficult terrains. It has an average price for a mud tire but with all its features and qualities, the Thunderer Trac Grip R408 Mud Tire is very affordable.

ITP TerraCross R/T Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP TerraCross R/T Mud Terrain ATV Tire has thick sidewalls that makes it puncture resistant. It also has a wide footprint for improved traction and increased tread life. Among its unique features include 6-ply, radial tire construction, extra tough rubber compound, and a 1,000-pound load capacity. It is very cost effective and is a worthy contender for an affordable mud tire.

STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire

Another affordable mud tire is the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire. It has a high-quality construction with a very aggressive tread design, V shaped center lug, rubber compound, and 6-ply carcass. It has deep angled lugs that self-cleans dirt and mud to improve traction and bite.

With these samples of affordable mud tires, you can get the most for your money without compromising your off-road experience.

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