At some point during your riding adventures your going to want and may need to do some hill climbing, some may be small and some extreme. No matter the case your going to want to to do so properly and safely. Here are some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind to do so.

Experienced riders should already know, beginners may not. So here are the basics.

1. The first thing you should do is to stop and take the time to look at the hill and try to observe the terrain for any obstacles such as any rocks, roots, and ruts that may be interfere with your attempt as they could cause you to to fail and fail bad very quickly. May cause damage to your ATV, such as tires and your undercarriage not to mention yourself if you should over turn or topple back down the hill.

2. After you have assessed the terrain your about to challenge, you need to choose the path line you think is the best in order to accomplish your climb to the top, or the area your wanting to finally get to. Keeping in mind you want to do it as safely as possible as well.

3. Once you have your path chosen your going to need to give it the throttle to achieve the proper speed you require to make to the top with out causing you to bog out and stop at any point of the incline. This not only sucks but can be very dangerous as well. Especially if your on a really steep incline. You need to build up to and keep the momentum required to make it the entire way to the top and you need to do so with out causing your tires to start spinning so much that you begin to come to a halt while siting there in place digging your self into a hole. If your working a clutch it’s important to be as smooth working it as you you did with building up your speed, popping it or shifting at the wrong time can cause you to start spinning or loose your momentum.

4. You also need to lean forward keeping weight over your front wheels. This helps to prevent back flipping and also provides optimal traction when keeping your body in the proper position for the best front to rear weight ratio. In some extreme cases this might mean you have to lean completely over your handle bars.

Now for what ever reason should you not make it all the way and need to go back down the hill you need to take care in how you attempt to do this. There are a few ways you may be able to accomplish this task with out flipping  or rolling over.

1. If the path up the hill is wide enough or you think you can make to a place that is, possibly even off to one side or the other, than it may be possible to simply turn around and ease your way back down the hill.  If the hill is really steep you should get off and do this by walking beside your atv while steering with the handle bars. If you do this be sure to get off and stay up hill from your ATV. Remember if you do turn around and head forward back down the hill that you’ll then need to lean back on your ATV for the proper weight distribution,Reverse of what you did going up the hill.

2. Another way may be to simply roll roll back down the hill backwards either on your ATV in neutral useing only the front brakes to prevent flipping keeping in mind to still keep leaning forward or,

3. You can walk beside it if its to steep easing it back down the hill in neutral still using front brakes.     Stay Safe And Look Out For One And Other !




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