Fathers Day Gifts For Your ATV Riding Dad

Father’s day is here and summer time as well. If your father is an avid ATV rider or tries to use his ATV in everything he does in his spare time then maybe a good gift idea might be an upgrade or accessory for his ATV could be the perfect gift for him.

This can even be the perfect time to replace a worn out part that’s been long overdo in need of replacing. Take some time to carefully look over his ATV and you may see some obviously damaged or worn down equipment that could use replaced or upgraded. He may have already have been complaining about a part that’s annoying him and been wanting to fix, replace or upgrade.

This could even include items that my provide extra comfort or safety during his riding excursions.
What ever the case may be, here are some ideas and things to look for or mention that could be a great gift that would be greatly appreciated as well as needed for his ATV.

Starting off at the top of the list are the hand grips. Hand grips are typical to start to wear out, crack and weather over time. Grips are one item on your ATV that your constant contact with and put wear on every time you ride. They may also come into contact with debris such as branches and brush which is the reason that at some point in time they will need to be replaced. Providing you own that particular ATV long enough.

What about a set of grip guards instead or even to go with those grips? Either way grip hand guards are a great addition to any ATV or dirt bike for that matter. They help to protect the hand’s from injury that may come from many obstacles such as branches, brush and even flying rocks and other debris if your riding with others.

OR, how about the seat ? This is another constant contact area that is bound to wear down and start to crack over time. The seat can start to be uncomfortable or even down right unbearable if the damage starts to become overwhelming. It may even start to hold water during bad weather that will lead to future damage over time.
A new seat cover might be an excellent gift to make riding more comfortable and possibly safer.

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