The holiday’s are a great time for getting the ones you care about some of the gifts you don’t normally think about getting them through the most part of the year.
These are just some of the most popular and desired gift suggestions for the ATV riders or the one’s that are hoping to be this year in your family and friends list.

1. ATV Cover

One great suggested gift would be an ATV cover to help with keeping the elements off like snow, rain and even falling leaves.
Not everyone has a garage or carport to store are equipment or vehicles in.
This would be a great gift for those that are in need of one or a new replacement for an older one.

2. Heated handle bar grips

Heated handle bar grips are another great accessory for the cold weather rider. Sometimes bulky gloves can be cumbersome when riding.
With a set of heated grips you wouldn’t need glove’s to be as thick or as insulated making them less bulky, that can also be dangerous.

3. ATV Handlebar Gauntlets

Handlebar gauntlets are a great gift idea. These will not help with keeping hands warm but will also provide some protection from those minor cuts and scratches from stray bushes and briars when the trail starts getting a little too close.
They would go great when paired up with a set of heated handle bar grips.

4. ATV Decal Sets

ATV decals are a great gift for ones that want to customize the appearance of their ride and can be rely reasonably priced. There are even businesses
that will print your design or customize one for you.

5. ATV Tool Kit

ATV tool kits are great because they are equipped with the most commonly tools and supplies required to make the repairs needed should something happen on the trail. Such wrenches, screwdrivers and sockets etc.

6. Tire Plug Repair Kit

Everyone can use a good tire plug kit. They really due come in handy should you puncture a tire on the trail. Even it just gets you back to camp, your vehicle. home or even just civilization.

7. Portable Air Compressor

These come in handy when you get that flat you always dread and lets face it what good is a tire plug kit if you can’t pump her back up. Even handy if you start having a slow leek, inner tube for swimming/sledding, air mattress etc.

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