Hauling Your ATV/UTV Properly

As an ATV or UTV owner you’ll most likely want to haul them to different trails or other riding locations.
Not everyone may have a full size pickup and depending on the size of your ATV, a full size pickup may still not be adequate enough for you to load an ATV into even with a full size bed or even a dually truck.

This is when a low-boy utility trailer will be required. Now a full size pickup truck would not be necessary for allot of ATV’s as the typical weight is approximately 350 – 400 pounds with some larger quads getting over 800 lbs. Example : (Polaris sportsman 500 EFI X2 weighs in at 830 lbs.).
These can still be towed by a mid-size pickup or mid-size SUV fitted with a trailer hitch and utility trailer.

You may require a larger, full size vehicle for towing UTV’s  as they can get to weigh over 2000 pounds and for both situations, whether your hauling an ATV or UTV or both, you must also include the weight of the trailer (add the weight of the trailer and the weight of the ATV/UTV’s together) to determine the total towing capacity required of the vehicle you’ll need to tow with.

You can buy or you can also rent a trailer if you can’t afford to purchase one, either way you just need to make sure the trailer is the proper size.
The trailer can be larger is you wish, you may have other uses or be hauling more than one ATV/UTV but just be sure it’s not smaller than needed.
Typical width of ATV’s is 50 inches or less and lengths up to 61 inches or more but you can just look at the specs in the owners manual or better yet just simply measure with a tape measure to be sure. A five or six foot wide by eight foot long trailer is usually good enough for ATV’s and most UTV’S.

1. When you load your ATV/UTV be sure to get most of the weight or more than 60% of the ATV/UTV past the mid point towards the front of the trailer, towards the hitch, this will help keeping most of the weight over the hitch pushing down on it to ensure a more secure connection.

2.Be sure you set the parking brake or put in gear for extra prevention of rolling. This helps to keep it extra secure.

3.You’ll need ratchet straps. The trailer should be equipped with ratchet strap or tie down points inside each corner of the bed and there should be recommended attachment points for your ATV inside the owner’s manual .

4. Make sure the ramp gates pins are put back in that the gate is secured. If the trailer is not equipped with a ramp gate and has separate ramps then be sure they are loaded back on to the trailer with strapping as well.


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