Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire Review

The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire can handle mud, hard pack, and snow, providing a versatile performance and eye-catching design. Unlike other tires with heavy tread design, these ATV tires promise only light ground disturbance, providing for a smoother ride. They are built for maximum performance on muddy terrain, but are good at climbing rocky trails as well.

The 6-ply rating cuts that come with this ATV tire won’t disappoint seasoned drivers. It will make beginners who switch to these tires from standard models feel like they are astride a mighty beast. Deep ruts ensure good performance together with superior balance and control, even in trickier areas.

One of the highlights of the Interco ATV mud tires is the multi-stepped tread design which self-cleans itself, preventing the tire from becoming one big cake of mud. You’ll appreciate this, as it can save you time when cleaning your ATV.


  • Improved steering and stability thanks to the optimized V forward tread pattern
  • Wide open, aggressive tread provides excellent traction and control
  • Self-cleaning thanks to the multi-stepped tread
  • Wraparound tread for high performance in rutted conditions
  • Smooth riding experience on most terrains
  • 6-ply rating
  • Available from size 22 x 11 x 9 to 29.5 x 10 x 12


  • Great tread design distribution offering excellent grip even in difficult areas
  • Designed to prevent drivers getting stuck in dense mud or snow
  • Offers above-average traction on mud trails and similar grounds
  • Powerful first impression—these tires look mean
  • Good weight keeps the ATV light
  • Side ruts prevent sliding and allow for more controlled drifting
  • The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire can take plenty of puncture damage
  • Good quality at a good price makes these tires a best buy for most ATV owners


  • Doesn’t handle pavements as well as other ATV tires and can wear out quicker when driven on hard surfaces
  • May have difficulties with deep or extreme mud
  • A little faster wearing compared to other ATV mud tires
  • May feel rough on a smaller machine until they smooth out
  • Doesn’t handle blacktop and gravel as well as other ATV tires may


Swamp Lite ATV Tire’s fierce multi-tread design makes it one of the more powerful ATV tires in this category. They are designed to provide maximum stability and control without loading down your vehicle. While owners of smaller ATVs may find them uncomfortable, at least during the first rides, these are a versatile choice that gives owners the freedom to use them outside of mud trails.

For a fine balance between good tracking and speed, the Swamp Lite ATV Tire is an inspired choice. The only thing owners have to worry about is that it may call for a replacement sooner than other ATV tires.

The performance and dominating look of these tires make them some of the best products in their class for both new and experience ATV drivers.


When looking at other ATV tires in the same category as the Swamp Lite ATV Tire, we have to mention the GBC Grim Reaper ATV Tire and the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire. Each of these comes with its own unique tread design and promises a smooth and long ride on the roughest of terrains.

These tires are a step up from the default tires most ATVs come equipped with. They are also strong replacements for older tires that have worn out. Even though they are finely tuned to provide maximum performance on mud, they can handle a variety of other surfaces, including sand, rocky ground, or slate.

The Kenda Executioner ATV Tire has been designed to provide optimal performance on deeper mud terrains. Massive tread design with long ridges provides excellent traction on trails where lesser wheels would get stuck. Known for their comfort and smooth maneuverability, these ATV tires come with built-in rim guards and reinforced knobs for better performance if the tire pressure drops.

The GBC Grim Reaper ATV brings excellent traction and an 8-ply cut. It meets the demands of most muddy trails without weighing down the machine or limiting maneuvering. Its above-average resistance to punctures makes it a viable choice for rocky roads.


The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire impresses with its strong build and multi-purpose design. This mud-conquering beast of a tire makes its way through ground where other ATV tires stumble, yet doesn’t cause as much disturbance as you’d expect. Despite its fierce design, it manages to stay clean, which is yet another reason to choose it.

This is a great choice for those who want to get one of the best ATV mud and trail tires around, without a massive investment. While not the cheapest ATV tire around, the Swamp Lite makes for an excellent value deal, one that you won’t regret anytime soon.
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