Designed for fun in the mud, the Kenda Executioner ATV tire provides excellent traction and a smooth ride. Built for the muddiest 4×4 terrain, this bulky tire comes with a hefty tread, reinforced knobs, and a rim guard.

The first thing that strikes you about this tire is the tread, which turns out to be as aggressive as it looks. Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is made from a durable rubber compound making it a strong and hard-wearing tire. While they are quite heavy, they provide a smooth ride and a superior degree of comfort compared to other tires in this class.

The best ATV and UTV tires usually come with a good grip, and the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is no exception. The design has been optimized to provide a strong grip in different types of mud including deep mud, wet mud, and sticky mud. At the same time, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire doesn’t end up covered in mud as easily as other types of tires because of its self-cleaning design.


  • Deep and aggressive tread that can handle all off-road conditions
  • Designed for powerful 4×4 ATVs and the muddiest of trails
  • Heavy duty with powerful traction
  • Reinforced knobs prevent knob roll
  • Deep rim protector side walls keep this tire in action for longer
  • Available from size 25x 8 x 12 to 28 x 11 x 14 (larger sizes are more expensive)
  • 6-ply rating ensures good protection against common trail damage


  • Strong and durable—can take many rides on mud and in rougher terrains before showing serious signs of wear
  • Eye-catching design makes them look fierce on any ATV, even smaller models
  • Can run as low as 4 psi, making them a reliable choice for longer, demanding rides
  • Handles rough terrain without getting too dirty thanks to the self-cleaning design
  • Extra though casing together with 6-ply rating resists most common punctures


  • Heavier than other tires in this category, needs a hefty hand for fitting and removal
  • These heavy-duty tires are not the most flexible around
  • Requires a psi of 7 or lower for a comfortable ride
  • Bulky design means they may slightly rub on the shocks during turns on certain models


Kenda Executioner ATV Tire’s fierce design makes its way through any type of mud and always comes out on top. The combination of long-lasting materials, tough casing, and reinforced knobs recommend it as one of the more durable products of its kind. Going beyond simple considerations of wear and tear over the years, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire proves a highly durable and dependable solution for your ATV.

Whether they’re used for play or for work, these ATV tires come with the guarantee of quality that we’ve come to expect from Kenda tire products. And even if the downside of the sturdy design is a heavier weight, it’s a small price most people shopping for ATV tires would gladly pay.

Kenda Executioner ATV Tire isn’t just a good mud tire—it’s a product that can make your ATV rides more fun.


When comparing the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire with other ATV tires in this price range, we have to mention the Swamp Lite ATV Tire and the GBC Grim Reaper ATV Tire. Noted for their superior durability and optimal performance on mud trails, these are some of the best affordable ATV tires you can buy. But how do they fare when pitted against the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire?

The GBC Grim Reaper ATV can withstand punctures that destroy other tires and yet comes with a high-performance design. With its good traction and control, it handles most types of roads. It’s also relatively light compared to other wheels of its size.

The Swamp Lite ATV Tire is geared toward speed and versatile performance across mud trails. Its clean ridge design provides a firm grip and excellent control. It’s often bought by those who want to take their ATV tires to the race trail.

The Kenda Executioner ATV Tire stands out from these competitors thanks to its powerful tread and the great grip that comes with it. Equipped with the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire, your ATV will handle more smoothly on the mud trail, while allowing you to take those turns at good speed. Unlike other ATV tires, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is easily distinguishable from a distance—the design team at Kenda really did a great job on it.


If you’re looking for a big and mean ATV tire, the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire has you covered. This fierce tire can take on any mud trail. It does this while giving you a smooth ride over which you enjoy better control, even during sharper turns on declines. The Kenda Executioner ATV Tire is a well-designed, well-made tire, whose quality you cannot help but appreciate. It’s one of the best ATV and UTV tires around.
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