Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 Review

Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire - Front - 23x11x10 Review

The Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 with its angled tread design and extra-deep lugs provides excellent mud traction making it one of the preferred ATV tires in this class. Fitted with 6-ply rated rubber, the Maxxis M961 offers great puncture resistance. It is designed to push mud away from the tire grooves, ensuring users have a firm grip over long distances.

This high-quality tire provides excellent traction in mud with its high ground clearance. Reinforced construction, made available through biased radial material, ensures extra strength is delivered throughout the ride. This front tire is extremely light and can be easily mounted onto the ATV.


  • Sized at 23” x 11” x 10”, ideal dimensions for an ATV front tire
  • Has a weight of just 23.3 pounds
  • Comes with a rim size of 10”
  • Reinforced with 6-ply construction
  • Developed with comprehensive and unique tread pattern
  • Designed with angled, sweeping tread bars
  • Comes as a tubeless tire
  • Constructed with belted biased radial material
  • Delivered for applications in snow and mud
  • Designed with a tread depth of just over an inch
  • Fitted with an angled tread


  • Comes with extra deep lugs for improved traction even in deep mud
  • Fitted with 6-ply rated material to increase puncture resistance
  • Has an angled tread to improve traction and push mud away in extreme riding conditions
  • Provides a higher ground clearance for smother rides and clears obstacles easily
  • Designed with reinforced carcass to improve overall tire strength
  • Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) technology used to reduce weight and deliver strength
  • Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) included to improve tread lug strength
  • Offers traction even on sloped backcountry trails with an aggressive lug design
  • Can be mounted easily across different ATVs due to its lightweight construction
  • Works equally well on a 2WD in muddy conditions
  • Pushes mud away with higher efficiency via lugs overlapping the center line ridge
  • Offers free shipping to buyers in the United States


  • With its backward and forward grip, the tire may slide a bit on sharp turns
  • Can create choppy rides at low speeds because of its average width
  • Standard shipping offered to international buyers, so planning is required
  • Sold as a front tire, so matching back tires are required


The Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 is one of those front tires that can generate extremely good traction in mud conditions. Buyers who have hills to climb will find this ATV tire to their liking, especially due to its higher puncture resistance.

Mud or snow, the Maxxis M961 will offer greater grip with its extra-deep lugs. Overlapping the center-line ridge, its lugs tirelessly push mud away. The extra ground clearance adds to its overall stability during difficult rides. This tire can be easily mounted due to its lightweight construction.


Besides the Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10, buyers also have other choices like the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 23×10-10, the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 23×8.00-11, and the Sedona Mud Rebel Rear Tire – 24×10-11 to consider.

These are all designed to create added traction on muddy surfaces with superior lug design and higher puncture resistance. Added comfort is created with capacity to push mud away from the center.

The ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 23×10-10 is preferred by many sports enthusiasts because of its single point radial-like ride feature. Slippage is almost negligible allowing riders to test mud paths and trails in any weather.

An added advantage is the OEM feature allowing users to use this tire on the latest ATV available in the market. Riders will especially like the fact that vibrations can be managed easily across a bumpy surface.

The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 23×8.00-11 becomes an enviable choice because of its low cost. It works very well in the winter, and its extra-wide 25” section width is capable of aggressive cleanouts managed by well-designed, wide-spaced lugs.

Angled knobs are a trademark feature of Bearclaw, allowing users to have better control even in muddy conditions. A built-in rim guard ensures punctures are rare and far between.

The Sedona Mud Rebel Rear Tire – 24×10-11 has additional sidewall lugs for improved traction while riding over deep ruts. An angled tread design, better puncture resistance, and greater steering response make it an attractive option.

Users can choose between a tire that affords riding capability over all terrains, as compared to other offerings in this category that focus on better traction over mud/snow.


Based on comparisons between the three different products, the Maxxis M961 Mud Bug Tire – Front – 23x11x10 can be considered a safe buy because of its added traction in muddy conditions. Enough thought has been given to increase puncture resistance, and if a front tire is required, buyers will love the comfort offered by this tire with its capacity to push mud away more efficiently.

The ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 23×10-10 comes in a close second with its vibration control feature and the fact that it can be fitted onto the latest ATV without much trouble.

Finally, the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – 23×8.00-11 comes in third with its lower price offering and its wide section width for better cleanouts. Its angled knobs ensure maximum traction, and this tire is especially useful in cold conditions.
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