Off-road trail riding and mudding are just two of the great activities you can experience with your ATV. Slinging that mud and throwing some dirt around on some of the best trails around can be really exciting!
The more you ride the more you want to push the envelope and take on harsher terrain and the different obstacles that come along with it.

As you start to become a more aggressive rider it might begin to be a good time to start upgrading your ATV, allowing you and your ride to overcome this tougher terrain more easily and less damage to both you and your ATV.

Now I’ve already mentioned tires, light bars, a winch and more already, and I may go into more detail or update these accessories at a later time as newer and better versions of these products are constantly getting better all the time, but for now I thought I would throw out a few other upgrades or mods (modifications) if you like, that might be perfect to make your ATV more capable on more aggressive terrain.

1. A great place to start with would be Skid Plates. Skid plates would be an excellent ad on the actually would probably be a modification that would be one of the first things I would install as soon as I could right after purchasing my ATV.

2. A Lift kit is another great upgrade to ad to your ATV. It not only allows you to put larger size tires on your ATV but it also gives you additional height and ground clearance that helps prevent damage to your under carriage as well as allow you to get over higher obstacles and through deeper mud.

3. While we’re at might as well ad a snorkel to the list. A snorkel is a good idea if you plan on doing some serious mudding and creek crossing in your days journey’s. Water and mud are your ATV’s worst nightmare if you end up stalling out and sucking it back up into your motor. This is one of the worst things that can happen.
Getting water or mud into the motor and mixed with the fuel and oil will end your day riding instantly and can ruin your motor if not taken care of ASAP!

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