The use of atv’s and utv’s for hunting purposes has become more and more popular over the years. They can make it easier to reach more secluded areas as well as to retrieve your game.This has also lead to more equipment and newer accessories from year to year that may make it more convenient as well as safer to do so. This is why taking all the right precautions and having the proper gear can be critical to the success and safety of any hunting trip. Some examples of add on’s can include winches, racks and equipment storage boxes there are literally hundreds if not thousands of others. You may want to ad camouflage wraps/skins to your tank and fenders.

Most importantly, Remember to always put safety first.You should always make sure any firearm is unloaded when transporting them on an atv/utv. They should be properly stowed away and secured. You should never ride with a rifle slung on your shoulder and never shoot across any trails or road’s :

It is not permitted to fire a weapon from any vehicle including atv’s and utv,s.

Tips you can take so not to spook your game :

1.  Checking the exhaust system/pipes for any leaks such as cracks, holes or loose connection’s is first on everyone’s list. They will cause your exhaust noise to be louder and even backfire.

2. The muffler itself  could the be a reason and some time’s the only reason for the louder sound to be coming from your atv/utv. If this is the case you need to replace it or you can ad on an exhaust silencer such as Silent Rider.

3. Any greased fittings, joints,shocks, and bearings should be kept properly greased, repaired or replaced such as wheel bearings, ball joints, A-arm fittings etc.

4. Be sure all bolts and screws should are properly tightened at all connecting joints and parts including any wiring harnesses.

5. Squealing brakes can be a nuisance. Check the brake pads, discs, and calipers and repair or replace whats needed.

Exhaust, fuel, oil and any other petroleum based smell can all give away your scent and be a major warning to your game. Burning brakes and oil as well !

Tips you can take so not  to give off your scent to your game :

1. Check for any fuel and oil leaks (Antifreeze if applicable). Leaking fuel, oil or antifreeze is not only a bad thing to have happening on your vehicle but its its terrible for the environment, its considered pollution and of course will give off your scent.

2. Clean or replace all the filters, air, fuel, and oil to prevent any clogs or burning of any of these fluids. It can also cause you to stall out or break down.

3. Having a well tuned motor is always a good to have, not just for hunting. This will keep a smoother and quieter running motor not to mention that having a well maintained motor is always ideal. This should prevent any of the clogs or burning of anything as mentioned previously.

4. Be careful when fueling up your tank not to spill any or overflow and get it all over your ATV/UTV this will surely smell up the place. If you do, wash it thoroughly and rinse very well, as some detergents can have a powerful scent. You can try to spray scent killer on it after it’s been washed and rinsed thoroughly. Best if you have all this done and ready a day or more ahead of time .
Always be sure you have a first aid kit and repair tools on your ride. Good luck and stay safe.



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