Mud and trail ridding can be a really great time and most people can get the hang of it fairly quickly, but if you should ever want to change the scene and try out hitting the dunes or sand terrain it can be an entirely new experience in off road riding.

Sand terrain takes a little bit of different riding skills or I should say knowledge and technique. Your ATV or UTV handling and reactions will be a lot different in sand terrain, of course.

Your tires will spin a lot more and steering will not be as responsive than on dirt trails or mud. Although it can be similar to mud in some cases depending on what your attempting to do.

If you trying to ride with almost any tire other than paddle tires you’ll most likely do a lot more spinning than if you would on the trails.
That will put a lot more strain on your motor making it rev more and higher for longer periods of time.

This will cause over heating and engine wear more threatening to your motor. That’s why it highly recommended to get a set of paddle tires before trying out some sand terrain, keep in mind that paddle tires will spin a lot less and get better traction but they will still spin a good deal which will still so you still need to watch out for the extra strain on your motor.

Ridding on sand terrain also poses a higher threat of debris, or I should just say sand in the motor if you happen to have a poor, dirty or torn air cleaner.
Be sure to check the air cleaner or just replace it with a new one, making sure its properly oiled and tightly secured so no sand gets through or around it.
basically sand can cause severe damage if it gets into the motor, I’m sure you already know this.

It’s also best to put in fresh fluids, oil and filter as well as to make sure all your greased parts and joints are good to go along with any boots or covers are sealed good and tight.

Sand can wreak havoc on all your moving joints and parts should they get through any of the covers or boots covering them for the main purpose of keeping these debris out so they don’t cause damage or unwanted wear on these moving parts.

Now when you do hit the dunes and sandy terrain it’s always best to go with at least one other riding buddy, friend, family member or whom ever in case there are any complications that may happen, such as a roll over, getting hung up or mechanical problems that may leave you stranded or injured and stranded.

A couple more tips on some tools that may come in handy are of course a tow strap and a shovel, a collapsible folding military shovel is ideal and may be a good idea to include with your other equipment when your ridding any trails or mudding, especially when mudding. Having a winch is also a great thing to have installed for any situation.

Lastly, you should always wear your helmet, boots, riding gloves and eye protection either safety glasses, safety style sunglasses or goggles.
Goggles seal around your eyes better and are best to wear when riding on sand terrain due to fact of sand being so fine and will get into everything including your eyes and most likely you’ll be spinning and throwing it everywhere.

Going outside in your back yard, a roof top or a Sunday drive on any day for some fresh air and different scenery with your family or close friends that you are sure of not having or being infected can help us all get through these trying times that everyone, the world, is going through. This can even include a trail ride on your ATV/UTV or motorcycle. Just stay safe and take care of one and other.

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