STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire Review

STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire Review

While off-road tires are durable, puncture resistant, and have thick wall construction, the differences lie on the brand and quality of materials used. Not all ATV tires are high quality—some easily wear out, while others are noisy.

When it comes to mud and snow terrain, the best ATV tire to ride with is the mud tire. Mud tires are generally built for these kinds of terrain because they are larger and are designed with bigger void areas.

Are you considering buying a mud ATV tire? Well, here’s one of the best sellers on the market today—the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire. It has a 4.5-star rating because of its incredible construction. It is made of V-shaped center lug that gives a comfortable, smoother ride even on hard terrain, and a very aggressive tread design with angled, grooved lugs to provide excellent traction.

It is very durable, resistant to puncture, and has maximum load capacity because it is constructed with a very strong 6-ply carcass and extended wear rubber compound.

This STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire comes in two sizes—26-11.00-12 and 26-9.00-12, has a rim diameter of 12”, aspect ratio of 26”, and weighs 29 pounds. It is very cost effective among the other ATV mud tires on the market today because of its high-quality construction.


  • 18” lug
  • Super aggressive tread design
  • V shaped center lug
  • 6-ply carcass
  • Rubber compound
  • 29 pounds
  • Choice of two sizes
  • Deep angled lugs
  • Maximum performance


  • Affordable
  • Great mud traction
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • Soft sidewalls


Mud tires are generally known to wear easily compared to other kinds of ATV tires because of their additional weigh and mass. Therefore, if the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire wears out soon, you would understand that it is really its nature. One unique characteristics of STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire is its softness that contributes to a comfortable and smooth ride.

However, this characteristic is also its weakness because it submits to punctures. But overall, the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire is loved by many customers because it provides a maximum performance for just minimal price.


Since there are a lot of brands and models of ATV mud tires, we will compare the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire to two other mud tires—the Kenda Klever M/T KR29 Mud Terrain Radial Tire and the Federal Couragia M/T Mud Terrain. As a consumer, it is best to look for other products so you will have better choice and can make a better decision.

Let us begin our comparison and see why the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire is a 4.5-star rated ATV mud tire.

The Kenda Klever M/T KR29 Mud Terrain Radial Tire is bit more expensive than the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire, and yet it has almost the same construction quality. It comes in only one size, has dimensions of 32” x 32” x 8” , has a 75 aspect ratio, and 50 pounds in weight. Because it has more weigh and mass, it also consumes more energy (fuel) making it not that much of an energy saver.

The Federal Couragia M/T Mud Terrain is also more expensive than the STI Mux Trax XL Rear Tire. However, it may have more features including large aggressive shoulder lugs, an incremental block edge, SRG or sloped radius gradient, bar at the bottom of the groove, and advanced tread compound.

These features help self-clear out mud while on the road, prevent punctures and cuts, enhance performance, provide off road traction, and more.

Given the fact that the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire is the most affordable among the three ATV mud tires, many off-road enthusiasts are pleased with its performance and features. It doesn’t weigh that much so it saves more fuel compared to the two other mud tires.

It may not have more features but its features are enough to ensure maximum and consistent off-road performance. It has unmatched load capacity and matches the qualities of more expensive ATV mud tires on the market today.


When purchasing ATV mud tires, the qualities that you should look for include high void areas, a self-cleaning design, less noise, fuel efficiency, among others. The STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire has all these features at a very affordable price.

While mud tires typically consume more fuel than other kinds of ATV tires, the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire surprisingly saves fuel; this is because it does not weigh that much. It also has a maximum load capacity, exceptional traction, and more.

No wonder many sportsmen, farmers, ranchers, and off-road enthusiasts prefer the STI Mud Trax XL Rear Tire than other ATV mud tires. They feel safe, comfortable, and secure with this mud tire’s durability and performance.

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