SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6Ply Review

Whether you’re using your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for a specific purpose such as farming, or are a simply looking for a wild adventure, your choice of ATV tires is extremely important. The SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply is an excellent model available at a low price. This tire offers the strong build and durability you won’t find in the more expensive ATV mud tires currently available.

These sleekly designed ATV tires add extra lugs on the shoulder area in order to provide a smooth ride and protect the sidewall of the tire, as well as the rim of your vehicle. The SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply has non-directional tread pattern, which means that it will work on your front wheels just as great as it will on the back wheels of your ATV.

The use of 6-ply rated materials ensures great strength and makes these ATV tires highly resistant to punctures. Most original equipment ATV tires rely on 2- and 4-ply materials, thus limiting their ability to handle different terrains. If you want to get the best out of your ATV, the SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply is just what you need.


  • The tire is 25” high and 10” wide when inflated
  • It mounts onto a rim of up to 12” in diameter
  • 6-ply rated materials are used to ensure stability of the tire
  • The shoulder of the tire has extra lugs for maximum protection
  • Tread depth of 0.86”
  • Non-directional tread pattern used to provide better traction
  • Made of a special rubber compound to ensure longevity


  • Works well across different terrains, including dust, gravel, dirt, mud, and rock
  • All-weather ATV tires that will roll through deep snow without a problem
  • High puncture resistance thanks to the use of 6-ply materials
  • Added shoulder lugs provide stability even when you have a flat tire
  • The non-directional tread pattern makes them suitable for both the front and rear wheels
  • Adaptable to different terrains and great for use in farming and snow plowing
  • Easy to wash because of the 0.86” tread depth
  • The tire doesn’t make noise on pavement or similarly flat surfaces
  • Compatible with many popular ATV models from top manufacturers
  • Sleek, polished design makes them stand out from other ATV mud tires


  • Limited compatibility with the most recent ATV models
  • The tire might tear up your lawn if it’s soft from rain or if you use it too aggressively
  • You can’t replace your turf tires with these ATV tires


The SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply is an excellent all-weather tire that provides great stability and control, no matter what you’re using your all-terrain vehicle for. This tire has wide treads that contribute to the traction and easy acceleration. The transition between different types of terrain is as smooth as you’d expect.

Because of its excellent build, this tire is also very resistant to all kinds of punctures. However, in case you get a flat tire on the road, you will still be able to operate your vehicle and safely return home because the lugs on the shoulders of the tire are designed to protect not just its sidewalls, but also the rim of your ATV.


For comparison purposes, let’s look at two similar ATV tires: the ITP Mud Lite ATV Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12 and the MassFx P377 ATV/UTV Tire 25×10-12. In terms of price, there are no major differences, so it won’t play a major part in your final decision. They also have the exact same fit, but there are some big differences when it comes to their quality and performance.

The MassFx is slightly lighter than the other two, weighing about 18 lbs. as opposed to a little over 19 lbs. for the other two models. However, both the ITP Mud Lite and the MassFx P377 have a directional tread pattern and are therefore recommended for use only on the rear wheels of your ATV. In contrast, the SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply provides great versatility, as its non-directional treads are designed for both front and rear wheels.

The SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply also beats its competition when it comes to tread depth. The deeper the tread, the more stable the performance of your tires will be. This is also good in practical terms, as it makes washing and cleaning off the dirt on your tires much easier.


Although the other two ATV tires make for a good choice depending on your needs, the SunF A033 ATV Tire 25-10-12 6 Ply is the clear winner here. It works well on all terrains, providing powerful traction and acceleration. It’s also very responsive and easy to control. What’s more, if the tire sustains a puncture so strong it goes flat, the lugs on the shoulders will ensure that it’s still operational long enough for you to drive it to the service station and repair it.
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