SunF A041 ATV Tire Review

As most all-terrain vehicle owners will tell you, when they’re looking for a new set of ATV tires, the quality they value the most is versatility. The SunF A041 ATV Tire is incredibly tough to beat in that respect. It works flawlessly on many different terrains: sand, snow, turf, gravel, dirt, or mud. Wherever you’re taking your ATV, this tire can handle it with ease and no wear at all!

This 6-ply rated model from SunF is very wide to offer not just durability and resistance to all kinds of punctures, but also additional load capacity. It utilizes a wide, angular tread pattern to give it superior grip in muddy conditions, but will work just as well on hard surfaces.

Because of their design, these ATV tires are available in larger sizes. Their height varies from 24” to 25” when inflated, and their width is either 8” (front tires) or 10” (rear tires). They fit onto a 10” diameter rim.

The aggressive design of these ATV tires is matched by impressive shoulder knobs to provide better handling of muddy terrains, as well as stability for your vehicle and its rims. The directional tread pattern allows you to use the tire on both front and rear wheels. Just follow the pointed arrow on the side of the tire, and you’re good to go.



  • Built using 6-ply rated rubber and nylon materials
  • Angled treads are used to dig into any terrain and provide optimum grip
  • Lugs on the center of the tire allow for superior traction
  • Shoulders of the tire are reinforced with aggressive knobs
  • Can be used on both the front and the rear wheels
  • 75” tread depth
  • A single tire can carry up to 737 lbs.


  • Lighter than similar ATV tires at just under 16 lbs.
  • Great traction on different types of terrain
  • Extremely durable thanks to strong 6-ply materials.
  • Angular tread knobs handle mud incredibly well
  • These ATV tires work great on hard surfaces
  • High resistance to punctures from branches and rocks
  • All-weather tire
  • Directional tread design suits front and rear wheels
  • High load rating allows these tires to carry nearly 3,000 lbs. on a four-wheeler
  • Can be used as both UTV and ATV tires
  • Available in multi-packs of 2 (front or rear) or 4 (an entire set) ATV tires
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Unavailable for smaller all-terrain and utility task vehicles
  • Fitting can be a tad difficult because of the size
  • No rim included, so it’s susceptible to potential damage during shipping


The SunF A041 ATV Tire is truly one of the best affordable ATV and UTV tires, if not the best. It provides great traction and handles a variety of terrains without difficulty. It is particularly great at handling mud, thanks to its angular tread knobs, but works just as well in the snow and on hard terrains.

With the SunF A041 ATV Tire, you needn’t worry about road safety. The tire has shown a remarkable resistance to puncture in all the tests we’ve subjected it to. Even if it happens to sustain a puncture, the sidewalls of the tire are reinforced and sturdy, so that you can drive with a flat for at least a few more hours. What’s more, you can use these as either UTV or ATV tires, as they are designed to carry a lot of weight.


In terms of tread pattern and overall design, the SunF A041 ATV Tire is most similar to the Kenda K299 Bearclaw and the BKT Wing W027. All three feature a comparable angular tread pattern with knobs on the side to reinforce and protect the sidewalls of the tire. They all perform well on different terrains, but we’ve noticed that the Kenda K299 Bearclaw has a slight edge in driving on the road.

Chances are, that you won’t be using your all-terrain or utility task vehicle on the road much; that’s why you’ve got your car. Because you’ll be mostly using your vehicle on hard surfaces, trails, gravel, and snow, we can say that all three of these ATV tires make for an excellent choice.

In the end, it all boils down to price. While all three are excellent examples of cheap ATV tires delivering unexpected strength and performance, the SunF A041 ATV Tire is priced below both of its two competitors. Moreover, it’s a multi-purpose tire, designed not just for ATVs, but also for UTVs and side-by-side vehicles.


Even after we’ve compared it to its main competitors, we can say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cheap ATV tire than the SunF A041 ATV Tire. It provides high versatility, works on different terrains, and in different weather conditions. If you equip your ATV with a set of these, you can load it up with almost 3,000 pounds of weight. That’s something no other tire out there offers. For exceptionally high quality, durability, and stability, the SunF A041 ATV Tire is an excellent choice.
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