Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 Review

The Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 comes with deep lugs that provide excellent cleanout and mud traction. If you’re looking for a smooth and stable ride, the center tread contact area will ensure comfort while readying itself for extreme ruggedness with its 6-ply durability.

This mud-snow ATV tire also comes with a flat-preventive liner, a common feature with all Super Grip tires, capable of sealing punctures up to ¼” diameter without using any slimes or liquids. Suitable for ATVs and UTVs across aggressive riding terrain, this super-light tire is favored for use in different kinds of utility vehicles.

Another major advantage is the longer tread life afforded under extreme conditions.


  • Comes with a section width of 28”
  • Designed as a superlight model weighing 28.4 pounds
  • Has dimensions of 28” x 28” x 12”
  • Used as rear tires
  • Has a speed rating of ‘C’
  • Popular as an extreme mud tire
  • Comes with a two-tiered tread pattern for increased grip in the mud
  • Has deep tread depth with center channel bars
  • Designed as a bias construction tire
  • Comes with a 6-ply rated casing
  • Has a protective ½” rim guard



  • Developed for users favoring aggressive terrain
  • Used in all kinds of utility vehicles with its super-light construction
  • Sustains longer tread life under different kinds of conditions
  • Fitted with a deep extended lug along with ½” rim guard for protection
  • Works extremely well across sand, mud, and dirt tracks
  • Extends good grip even on a 2WD with capacity to plough snow
  • Has extremely good pulling power including trailers
  • Develops good traction and stability, enough to push logs
  • Comes with slotted treads for additional grip on all terrains
  • Fitted with a full 6-ply rated casing for efficient puncture resistance
  • Can pull a trailer through mud without losing traction
  • Works with a 2WD climbing inclines up to 70 degrees


  • Not available for international shipping
  • Adds an additional 2 inches in height as a replacement, so all four tires may be replaced
  • Can shave grass off the lawn around corners
  • Shipped in a flat condition, so difficult to see the tire beads


The Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 is a likely choice for riders longing for maneuvering capability over rough terrain. Living up to its reputation as a Super Grip tire, this attractive tire option offers excellent traction in mud or snow.

Even with its 6-ply durability, the Super Light ATV tire affords plenty of comfort on rugged surfaces. Utility vehicles that need instant puncture solutions can take advantage of its flat-preventive liner capable of sealing ¼” punctures with minimum effort, and without the use of any external liquids or slimes. This is one tire that is likely to be used across rough terrain and still sustain longer tread life.


Buyers have specific reasons to opt for the Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12, as compared to similar tires including the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×8-12, ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire 28×12-12, and ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27×9-12. For example, puncture resistance or excellent traction over different conditions must be considered as a definite reason to buy this tire.

While two products offered by ITP Mud Lite in this category are inclined towards attracting sportspersons, the ITP Mega Mayhem is extremely light with similar dimensions.

The ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×8-12 as well as the XL tire with dimensions of 28” x 12”-12 are geared towards producing thrilling rides and are therefore eternal favorites among sportspersons. If additional comfort is needed over rough terrain, the XL version can always be preferred over the AT Mud Terrain simply because the XL weighs more than double the AT’s weight, while offering better durability.

Product also differs in terms of tire width and aspect ratio, so buyers have plenty of reasons to choose between the two based on specific needs. As expected, there is a huge price difference between the AT and XL offerings, so this is another factor to be considered.

The ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27×9-12 is another light offering weighing in at 33 lbs., but maintains similar product dimensions. It is an exciting option over aggressive riding terrains with its superlight material fitted with a 6-ply rated casing for extremely efficient puncture resistance.

It also has an ultra-deep 1.5 tread depth for improved traction. Innovative rim guards and deep extended lugs increase tire life to a great extent.


In this product category, buyers have many options to consider—lower weight, competitive pricing, and capability to increase traction over different kinds of terrains. The Super Grip Super Light Mud/Snow ATV TIRE 28X12-12 definitely scores over the others in terms of providing additional grip needed for both mud and snow conditions.

The ITP Mega Mayhem is extremely light and may tempt buyers, as it has similar features. The ITP Mud Lite AT and XL versions are options to be considered with extreme sports in mind.

Overall, this Super Grip Super offering holds its own with good puncture resistance and longer tread life under different riding conditions.
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