Through the Mud: Mud Tire Comparison

Through the Mud: Mud Tire Comparison

One of the growing sports today is off-roading in the mud. The adrenaline rush that is felt while dashing through the mud and the sheer joy and sense of accomplishment after it make this sports loved by many.  For most off-road enthusiasts, using high quality, highly aggressive ATV tires is extremely important.

These tires set the level of comfort of your ATV even when off-roading in the mud. This article is a mud tire comparison to help you choose the best mud tires on the market to get you through.

Why we do mud tire comparisons?

There are different kinds of off-road tires that suit different kinds of off-road activities and terrain such as mud, snow, rocks, sand, and gravel. For muddy and snowy terrain, tires with high void areas and a good self-cleaning design are the best. These kinds of tires allow for more forward bite; their design also makes sure that there is no clogging in very loose and wet terrain.

It is important to understand the construction of a mud tire and compare it to other kinds of off-road tires. It will give you more knowledge that will help you purchase the best mud tire brand for your needs and budget.

Because of this growing sport, hundreds of mud tires and other kinds of off-road tires are being manufactured and marketed. Learning more about them will make you a smart ATV tire consumer.

Mud tire void area

One unique characteristics of a mud tire is the presence of a void area. A void area is the cavity or grooves that are present between the tire’s tread lugs. These are vital for off-road driving because they allow for more bite on rocky and loose terrain.

However, there are a few disadvantages of having large void areas. They produce more noise on the highway and have more tendency to wear faster due to accumulation of heat and increased twist of the tread.

Are mud tires louder than other off-road tires?

Every off-road tire has its own compromise. For mud tires, it is the increased noise although they have significantly improved through the years. Typically, mud tires are rougher or less comfortable than their highway counterparts. Manufacturing companies have now advanced uniformity and casing design of mud tires which have made them much more comfortable to drive compared to mud tire models in the past.

Do mud tires use more fuel?

Compared to most ATV tires, mud tires do use more fuel. This is due to fact that they use wider and taller tires that typically weigh more. This added weight and mass utilize more energy or fuel to rotate and get going. The amount of fuel consumption is affected by the vehicle and its tires.

Mud tire comparisons

Here are some of the best seller ATV mud tires in the market today.

Muteki Mud Hog

The Muteki Mud Hog is a multi-purpose mud tire that can perform on the road as good as on muddy terrain. It has an extremely durable casing and 3-ply wall construction that allow for more resistance against punctures.

It is also constructed with more traction with its wrap-around shoulders and deep lugs. Safety and control are two of the major principles kept in mind when this tire was designed and manufactured.

Nitto Mud Grappler

What is popular about Nitto Mud Grappler is its tremendously aggressive tread patterns that attract off-road enthusiasts and serious off-road sportsmen. The best mud tires have the biggest void ratio—which this Nitto Mud Grappler has. It is also puncture resistant because of its massive 15 millimeter side lugs that protect the tire from sharp objects on even the toughest muddy terrain.

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radial

This Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radial has an aggressive, open-tread design that allows for ultimate grip and control without producing too much noise on the road and trails. This is the unique characteristic of Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radial. Like any other mud tire, it has also an improved self-cleaning feature for more grip and traction off road.

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