There are some people that enjoy getting out and hitting those ATV trails but will stick to the trails their familiar with. Now alot of us like to find new trails and terrain to take on and challenge us in different ways such as hills, creeks and winding trails to to conquer.

Exploring new areas adds the risk of becoming lost or at the least are directions confused from where we started. So far I haven’t been completely lost as it was more like missing a turn off or road/trail

That’s why it may be it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a GPS navigation device to have with you, especially if you know your go going to be traveling in territory that your completely new to.

Here are a few top choices based on performance, durability and price.


Features :

1. It is a hand held unit but can be mounted with the extra purchase of a mount.

2. This GPS device is also equipped with Bluetooth allowing it to connect to other Bluetooth capable devices, a tablet and your smart phone.

3. The screen brightness and visibility allowing it to be very well seen even in direct sunlight.

4. It has also been equipped with a pretty high grade digital camera as well as allowing you to geotag each of the photos with the coordinates.

5. It uses a dual battery system, two AA batteries or rechargeable NiMH and good battery life.

6. Made durable and for rugged conditions making it one of the top choices by most off-roaders.

There are also plenty of extras available.

One con is it does not come with an altitude display.


Features :

1. This unit can also be mounted with extra purchase of a mount but also designed to be hand held.

2. This unit also operates on two double AA batteries or the rechargeable battery option.

3. Built for rugged use and water proof.

4. Has high sensitive receiver and quad helix antenna.

5. barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass

6. Wireless connection with Bluetooth.

TopoActiv maps preloaded also there are many more added features than the previous GOSMAP 63SC Garmin model that might meet your needs better, you just need to compare them to see what model and price suites you best.

GARMIN eTrex 30x


Features :

1. This one gives you a 65k color screen for great resolution and readable in the sunlight.

2. It offers 3.7 GB of memory and an SD card slot for even more.

3. 3 axis tilt compass and barometric altimeter

4. Wireless connectivity.

5. Extremely accurate positioning capabilities.

These are only a few of the most capable GPS positioning devices available and Garmin is one of the more recognized brands. Just do some research and comparisons to see whats out there. Something new and better comes out every day.

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