As most parents I’m sure you have taken your child or children for a ride around the yard or on some trails for a good time. As they start to get older though you know eventually they will want to start riding on their own, just make sure that they come to you and tell you they want to start riding on their own.
It’s best that they have an interest in riding on their own rather than you trying to teach them when they aren’t that interested, they will pay attention more to what you teach them if they want to ride on their own.

You should start your child on an appropriate size ATV for the child’s age. (more on that in another article)
Read the owners manual to get familiar with the ATV your child will be riding so you can go over everything again in detail with him or her even if you already own the ATV they’ll be riding it still may be a good idea to go over the manual again to get refreshed on some of the information.

Try sitting them on the ATV showing them where everything is, what they do and how to use them. You want to make sure your child is confident they have the basics down before you let them take a trial run preferably in the yard, driveway, open field or what ever is a safe area for them to practice how you’ve showed them to ride safely.
Remember you let them know and make sure they are not allowed to ride unsupervised until the both of you, most importantly you are confident they are able to do so safely.

Now most importantly is safety gear! You definitely need to get your child proper riding gear. The helmet is the first thing they have to have and it needs to be DOT-compliant. A good pair of riding boots will definitely be needed and to make sure come above the ankle for added protection and stability.

A decent pair of long pants should also be worn for protection against briars, sticks and branches. Long sleeve shirts are a good as well to protect your arms against the same obstacles as your legs.
Gloves are also highly recommended especially for a beginner. protecting your hands and knuckles from brush and branches is a must. getting cut or rapped one good time across the knuckles or hand can ruin a good day.

Don’t forget about the eyes. Eye protection is another essential piece of protective gear that shouldn’t be over looked, LOL. Seriously, eye protection such as goggles, safety glasses, sun glasses or any mixture of these such as the safety style sunglasses should be worn to protect from branches and twigs to rocks and bug’s. Anything that could possibly hit you in the eyes can cause you to have an accident or eye injury.

They key is to practice safety and to protect your self and other’s from injury. So stay safe and enjoy.

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